The Ponant islands, the island of Seven sleeps

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The Ponant islands, the island of Seven sleeps or islands of Sein

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“This country and its inhabitants must have struck the imagination of men at all times. The Greeks and Romans placed there the remains of the cult of the Druids, the island of Sayne and its virgins, the barge which passed through Albion, the souls of the dead in the midst of storms and whirlwinds of fire ..." François René de Chateaubriand

A post on Carnac in Brittany had already been published on our site. But had he revealed everything to us? Pomponius Mela in the 1st Century AD would have written about it. According to the myth, the island of Sein was famous by the oracle of a Gallic deity. Its priestesses were sanctified by the vow of perpetual virginity, nine in number, the Gauls called them Last Supper. They thought that thanks to their exceptional powers, they could unleash the waves, metamorphose in their guise into all kinds of animals, but also cure diseases recognized as incurable. But these priestesses would exercise their arts only in favor of navigators. We therefore decided to embark at the Port of Camaret, in a shuttle that connects the islands, and we let ourselves be rocked by the waves of mythical legends. We perceive the famous semaphore at the Pointe du Toulinguet, then Enez Sun (Ile de Sein in Breton) the ancients also call it "the island of the Seven Sommeils" from Celtic Seiz and Hun, and which would seem to have a link with the story of the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus, but that is yet another story. We stop at the restaurant facing the sea "The Tatoon", to taste a seafood platter, we continue to listen to the legends that surrounded this island, while savoring our coffee. We decide to go to the big lighthouse, to the north by the road of the same name. We take the shuttle back at the end of the afternoon. Satisfied or almost with the sweetness and the salty air of the Ile de Sein.

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Restore : Restaurant Le Tatoon 4 Quai des Français Libres 29990 Île de Sein



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