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The Cretan-style haddock

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The Cretan-style haddock


It is now a certainty, eating Cretan style is good for your health, and above all it is very good! We offer you a seasonal recipe, which is inspired by the Cretan diet.

Sweet Salty salad with haddock

For 4 people

- 1 nice fillet of smoked haddock (250 g to 300 g) 250 g of mixed and tangy fruit salad: 2 granny-smith apples (sour apples), 2 oranges, 3 lemons, 2 red peppers.

- 4 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, 2 sprigs of flat-leaf parsley, salt, pepper.

Preparation 25 min - Cooking 20 min - Maceration 1 hour.

The day before, wash the peppers and grill them under the broiler, turning them, until the skin becomes dark. Peel them, remove the seeds, cut them into thin strips, cover them with 1 spoonful of olive oil, salt and pepper. Reserve in the fridge. Also the day before, peel the apples, cut them into quarters. Peel the oranges and lemons raw, separate the quarters and remove the skin. In a sauté pan, put a tablespoon of olive oil, fry the salted and peppered fruits for 5 minutes, set aside in the fridge. The same day, remove the skin from the haddock, rinse it and pat it dry. One hour before the meal cut the haddock, thinly sliced, sprinkle with the remaining lemon juice. Leave to macerate in the fridge. Season the salads with the remaining oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. Place the peppers in 4 deep plates on one side, the fruits and the haddock in the middle on the other. Chop the parsley on top.

Accompanied by a Côte du Roussillon rosé, Mediterranean flavors will only be better! (*)

Enjoy your lunch !


Bibliography: The Cretan diet the secrets of longevity Alexandra Retion Nutritionist and Stéphanie De Turckheim Culinary Author - Hachette Cuisine.

Cretan diet benefits and delights Dr Jacques Fricker and Dominique Laty. Hachette Pratique.

(*) Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, to be consumed in moderation.

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