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Passion Scrapbooking

loela By On 19/08/2021 0

        Passion Scrapbooking                                      

Vintage 2822818 1280Images Anna Veronika and Anne-Marie Ridderhof from Pixabay

 In 1980, Mormon Marielen Christensen published her first modern book "Keeping Memories Alive" at the International Genealogy Convention in Salt Lake City. To go further, you can also read the article in, this site is full of ideas and information on the history of Scrapbooking. Considered today as a modern, playful, recreational activity, it holds a preponderant place in our lives, since thanks to it, we can create our own "story book". Whether we call it “Créacollage” in Quebec, or “Collimage”, it inspires, since in 2006, a scrapbooking school was born in Lyon! Digital or manual, Scrapbooking, adapts to all trends, and, we can say it has become a decorative art. Accessible to Seniors with the tablet, Facilotab available in the CDIP store it allows to exchange, images, creations on the Internet with relatives and friends, and more :).

So, are you ready to start your first Scrapbooking creation?

To start well :):

The ARTETTUTO blog of the international web designer and painter Samira, which offers an audio podcast for beginners.

Stationery supply sites for Scrapbooking:

STUDIO-SCRAP.COM digital software:

The CDIP store:

The works : Scrapbooking Creative Ideas Magali Toursel Collection ScrapAttitude de Creapassions

Mini-albums in Scrapbooking Inspirations & Techniques Soraya Maes ScrapAttitude Collection.

Beautiful creations!

L'équipe Forme et Bien-être au quotidien


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