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Getaway in the city of Carcassonne

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Getaway in the city of Carcassonne

Castle 10196 1280


To end the week of our beautiful walks in France, we suggest a getaway in the Aude to the City of Carcassonne, classified since 1997 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Imposing monument, with these four gates, the Aude gate to the west, it faces the river: the Aude. It has also been used for filming films such as Visitors, or Le Corniaud. Do not miss the evening walk, take the rue des Calquière towards the Pont Vieux, you will have the Pont Vieux in the Center and the City in the background, the arches are illuminated by spotlights, the colors of which change, from there you will have a point of view of the magnificent illuminated city. The Health Pass is compulsory for visits to the Château and Remparts, but nothing prevents you from visiting the alleys of the City, filled with history. In the evening, take a seat in a restaurant that we particularly appreciate in the City, “Le bar à vins”, the food is plentiful and of course the wines excellent! The place is very popular, so be patient because the service is a bit long;). Happy back to school everyone, always take care of yourself!


L'équipe Forme et Bien-être au quotidien

Office du Tourisme de Carcassonne

Restaurant bar tapas : « Le bar à vins » 6 rue du Pô 11000 Cité de Carcassonne.

Image Castle Hans Braxmeier de Pixabay


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