C for calligraphy

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C for calligraphy

Chinese style 1578085 1280

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The art of beautiful writing. When we speak of calligraphy, we think of Far Eastern writing: Arabic, Hebrew, Georgian calligraphy. Chinese characters were invented by Cang Jie around 2650 BC based on the observation of nature. The foundation of Chinese art, Chinese calligraphy uses the 4 treasures of the literate: ink stick, ink stone, paper and brush. Today, calligraphy is considered around the world as a modern art "forming letters and adorning them" still attracting many enthusiasts. To go further on September 11 and 12 open doors at CREADEN in Paris in the 18th arrondissement, you can discover mini workshops, link at the end of the post.

Has your feathers !

L'équipe Forme et Bien-être au quotidien.

Site : lamaisondelacalligraphie.com

Bibliography : l'ABCdaire de la calligraphie chinoise de Claude Mediavilla chez Flammarion

La calligraphie chinoise facile : Des traits au idéogrammes de Rebecca Yue Chez Fleurus.