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ice cream

Hot cold figs

By On 14/09/2021

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Recipe brought back by Michèle, during her stay in Greece, with friends.

3 figs - 1 level teaspoon of cinnamon - 3 teaspoons of brown sugar - 1 tablespoon of Samos or Port - 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream - 1 knob of butter - 1 mint leaf. Cooking time 5mn. Open the figs in a cross. Brown them in butter and sugar over low heat until they are caramelized. In a bowl pour the wine and cinnamon, mix and add to the pan the broth should be homogeneous. Serve warm in small soup plates, add the scoop of vanilla ice cream, decorate with a fresh mint leaf. The fig is rich in vitamin B9, fibers, in significant quantities it contains copper and potassium, to note that by cooking it loses its nutritional qualities, the ideal is to consume it fresh, or dry. Samos is a cooked sweet wine, which resembles Port which is also used in cooking.

Have a great week everyone !

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