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Why a literary prize, for theme?

By On 22/09/2021



Why a literary prize, for theme?

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Too difficult for some, or complicated, this competition, why did you choose this theme? So many questions, on what seems impossible to achieve? : give the name of the winner of Femina 2021, more affordable, no doubt to literature enthusiasts. The first selection took place, some received the link and were able to discover the 17 authors competing for the prize, we also advised the participants to discover each author, each book, do some research, this is what we did, for an author in the running for the Femina: Jean-Baptiste Del Amo, born Jean-Baptiste Garcia, with “The son of man” at Gallimard, the writer signs his ninth novel, based on myth and tragedy, the transmission of violence from father to son. Characters ? The father, the mother, the son. A book that leaves no one indifferent, thanks to the atmosphere that emerges from it. The author has already received the Fnac 2021 prize for this book. Our advice:, we recommend paying attention, for each of the 17 authors, then the novel, that you will have read or the review that you will have seen on the internet, or even a summary of the book, will allow you to establish your own list. and make the right choice. The second selection is scheduled for September 29. Those who take our competition “along the way”, have every interest in noting the first selection for the Femina which took place on September 8, 2021. Do not hesitate to contact us for the “useful” links. We have a surprise in store for you on October 18, 8 days before the official proclamation of the winner of Femina 2021.


Small reminder, our site is not a partner, or has no link with the official event, proclamation of the literary prize "Prix Femina 2021", theme of our "Game of the fall". The “Fall Game” competition is neither sponsored nor funded by any companies, banking establishments, or social networks.


Nice readings, And, to your predictions!

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Rich months!

By On 31/08/2021



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